General Program

August 28 (Campus Luigi Einaudi, Lungo Dora Siena 100A, Torino)

August 28 (Campus Luigi Einaudi, Lungo Dora Siena 100A, Torino)

12.00-14.00 Registration / light lunch (Bowie Torino, Lungo Dora Firenze, 131, Google maps)

14.00-14.30 Welcome Address

14.30-15.30 Lecture 1: John B. Davis, Marquette University and University of Amsterdam, "Change in Economics and Changing Economics" [Chair: Cedrini]

15.30-16.00 Break

16.00-18.15 Students’ Presentations 1: Economics and Human Behavior: From Robbins to Behavioral Economics and Nudging [Chair: Lapidus]

A. Upravitelev: Behavioral Imperialism and Three Periods of Behavioral Economics [Discussant: Michelson]

D. F. Zarama Rojas: Are Cognitive Biases Epistemic Vices? An (un)Resolved Knowledge Problem in Nudge Economics [Discussant: Gutierrez]

18.30 Aperitivo (Bowie Torino)

August 29 (Campus Luigi Einaudi)

08.45-09.15 Breakfast

09.30-11.00 Students’ Presentations 2: Beyond the Market Mechanism [Chair: Rosselli]

I. Pelegrini Silva: Celso Furtado and his Interlocutors: The Dualistic Reason in 20th Century Development Economics [Discussant: Bonino Gemme]

L. Bonino Gemme: The Problem of the Maria Theresa Thaler in the Colony of Eritrea: A Reinterpretation through Institutionalist Monetary Theories [Discussant: Zanello]

11.00-11.30 Break

11.30-12.30 Lecture 2: Alberto Baccini, Università di Siena, "Quantitative Studies of Economic Thought: An Introduction" [Chair: Lenfant]

12.30-14.00 Light lunch (Bowie Torino)

14.00-16.15 Students’ Presentations 3: History, Data, Experiments [Chair: Zouboulakis]

J. Michelson: The Futility of Statistics Without History [Discussant: Joulin]

S. Stępień: Analyzing Selected Chapters from Academic Textbooks on the Ideas of Adam Smith, Using PDF Parsing and Natural Language Processing in Python [Discussant: Peronnet]

M. Gutiérrez Ruan: What are the distinctive features of Lab in the Field Experiments? Insights from Colombian Experimentalists [Discussant: Zarama]

16.15-16.45 Break 

16.45-18.45 Tutorial 1

Bonino Gemme (Sigot, Rosselli) 

Michelson (Rosselli, Hormigo), 

Pelegrini Silva (Cardoso, Hagemann), 

Stępień (Baccini, Cedrini)

August 30 (Campus Luigi Einaudi)

08.00-08.30 Breakfast

08.45-11.00 Students’ Presentations 4: Economics for a New Economy: Social and Environmental Challenges [Chair: Sanchez Hormigo]

E. Jacob: Mixing Basic Income and Social Preferences: A Laboratory Experiment [Discussant: Villeneuve]

C.J. Proctor: Growth of What? An Exploration of Pathways for Global Economic Demand with Low Fossil Fuel Use and High Employment [Discussant: Pelegrini Silva]

K. Brüggemann: Can Institutional Prescriptions from General Equilibrium Theory Address the Climate-economy Problem? [Discussant: Proctor]

11.00-11.30 Break

11.30-12.30 Lecture 3: Marina Della Giusta, Università di Torino, "Gender Bias and (in) Economics" [Chair: Igersheim]

12.30-14.00 Light lunch (Bowie Torino)

14.00-16.15 Students’ Presentations 5: The Issue of Progress in the History of Economic Thought [Chair: Sigot]

L. Villeneuve: The Desire to Consume and the Origins of Adam Smith’s Division of Labour [Discussant: Stępień]

E. Cortinhas: John Stuart Mill and the Saint-Simonian Doctrine: An Illustration of Mill's Conception of the Progress of Societies [Discussant: Brüggemann]

V. Zanello: Joan Robinson’s “Second Crisis of Economic Theory” and Keynes’ “Bastard Keynesianism” [Discussant: Upravitelev]

16.15-16.45 Break

16.45-18.45 Tutorial 2

Brüggemann (Hagemann, Akdere), 

Cortinhas (Hormigo, Zouboulakis), 

Gutierrez (Igersheim, Lenfant), 

Peronnet (Igersheim, Cardoso), 

Zanello (Hagemann, Akdere)

August 31 (Campus then Fondazione Einaudi)

08.45-09.15 Breakfast

09.30-11.00 On Economics as a Science [Chair: Sigot]

T. Peronnet: Conflicting Views on the Object, the Significance, and Status of Economics in Robbins’ Definition [Discussant: Jacob]

V. Erasmo: Scarcity, Capabilities, and the Fact-value Dichotomy: Vivian C. Walsh's Neglected Contribution to Economics and Philosophy 

11.00-11.30 Break

11.30-12.30 Lecture 4: Francesco Saraceno, OFCE-Sciences Po, Paris and Università LUISS, Roma, "Macroeconomics and Eurozone Macroeconomic Governance" [Chair: Hagemann]

12.30-14.00 Light lunch (Bowie Torino)

14.00-14.30 Transfer to Fondazione Einaudi (FE), Via Principe Amedeo 34, Torino (Google maps)

14.30-15.30 FE: Lecture. Angela Ambrosino, Università di Torino, "Is Institutional Economics Becoming Fashionable Again?" [Chair: Zouboulakis]

15.30-16.30 FE: Visit

16.30-18.30 Tutorial 3 (at FE)

Jacob (Lapidus, Sigot), 

Proctor (Zouboulakis, Hormigo), 

Upravitelev (Lapidus, Lenfant),

Villeneuve (Lapidus, Zouboulakis), 

Zarama (Igersheim, Lenfant)

20.30 Social dinner at La Piola di Alfredo, Via Sant'Ottavio 44/a (Google maps)

September 1 (Campus Luigi Einaudi)

08.15-08.45 Breakfast

09.00-10.00 Lecture 5: Alain Marciano, Università di Torino, "Institutions, Economics, and Law" [Chair: Ambrosino]

10.00-10.30 Break

10.30-11.30 Lecture 6: Paolo Paesani, Università Roma Tor Vergata, "Innovation and discontinuity in the History of Economic Thought: the Case of Cambridge Economics" [Chair: Cedrini]

11.30-12.30 Concluding session

12.30-14.00 Farewell Lunch (Bowie Torino)

14.00 Social activities 

The program includes: 

Students’ presentations will be organized in groups of three papers gathered according to the specific research fields explored, related to the history of economic thought, economic methodology, and economic philosophy. 

These presentations (20 min. each) will take place in the presence of the members of the scientific committee and invited speakers and profit from their various expertise. Each presentation is commented on by a discussant, chosen among young scholars (5 min.), followed by a discussion with the floor (20 min.). 

Tutorials with senior researchers (1 hour) help Ph.D. students prepare their research works for further diffusion and publication.